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Right now I'm working in the the Harry Potter fandom (with a focus on Severus Snape and the ship Severus/Lily). I've also become a big Johnny Weir fan. And I've now become a big fan of Skins (UK) Series 5, esp. of the characters Grace, Rich, Franky and Alo (and I ship Grace/Rich like burning).

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

I haven't done any work in the following, for a while, but I still love them: the Babar fandom (the 1989-1991 tv series), the Tomoko Kawase (Tommy february6, Tommy heavenly6, Buriguri) fandom, the Mario Kart Wii fandom, the Neopets fandom (I'm addicted to that site), and I'm still interested in Ugly Betty Detty.

Writing Spike/Buffy and William/Buffy fic was my passion (along with fanart, icons and websites of same). I still love Spuffy and Wuffy and such, I'm just not very active with it right now. ^_^' Spuffy & Wuffy fic - take your pic

I'm also into the Patlabor fandom, but haven't done much there in a while either. ^_^'

I like lots of other stuff too but I'm too lazy to list it.

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My brush library includes brushes by, dtissagirl, saava, teh_indy

I get my fonts from DaFont