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Fic: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings - Chapt. 2 - Sailor Lum's Journal
Fic: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings - Chapt. 2
Finally, here is chapter 2! :) (PS: For all the behind the scenes yak on chapter 2 and the series as a whole, see my abfiw tumblr tag. I'm mostly posting my ramblings on tumblr, now.)

Please read the warnings and notes, they contain important info.

Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings - Chapter 2
Author: Sailor Lum
Characters/Pairing: Severus/Lily
Rated: R
Overall Summary: Severus Snape arrives a moment later to the scene of what could become his worst memory and makes some better choices. The result is that the entire course of his life is changed. (Fic Series Masterlist)
Chapter Summary: Severus and Lily face their boggarts at the DADA practical; James hopes to show Lily that Severus is not to be trusted; Lily and Severus have another heart to heart
Content, Warnings: sexuality (involving sixteen year olds, with regards to each other/themselves); language; disturbing imagery
Word Count: 10,796
General Warnings: Book purists beware – Hogwarts uniforms follow the movies and only pre-Pottermore canon is counted as canon for this fic, as this fic was planned and plotted before Pottermore came about. Individual parts in this series may be rated as high as NC-17.
Notes: Severus’s characterization is primarily based off of teen Snape (as opposed to Professor Snape). And, I’m using British vocab for many things (or trying to). For instance, pants = underwear; left school = graduated. Also, this fic supposes that Lily’s Patronus became a doe in canon to match James’s stag, so her original one is different.
Disclaimer: The characters from Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling. Also, any characters depicted in explicit sexual situations are at the age of consent or older.

Read the fic here: http://www.sailorlum.com/snape/abfiw_ch2.html

I hope all you Snevans fans enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it, and I hope you look forward to chapt. 3.

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