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Still alive, still writing my Snevans fic (ABFiW), still sifting through my mailboxes - Sailor Lum's Journal
Still alive, still writing my Snevans fic (ABFiW), still sifting through my mailboxes
Long story short - I’ve just been lurking around in fandom for months (and easing back in this week) due to some of my chronic conditions really flaring up, which made participation beyond lurking feel a bit too overwhelming. Things are looking up, now, so hopefully I’ll have more energy for fandom stuff and online interactions and whatnot. I may talk about the details of what caused the flair ups later, but not right now. See my tumblr for my latest fandom posts (I eased back in there, first).

I'm still going through my various mailboxes (and it's overwhelming and thus slow going due to all the spam and my fear that I'll delete something that isn't spam), so if you've sent me feedback or a note and I haven't replied to it yet, that is why.

I'll be checking my fic posts on LJ (master list and chapter posts) and private LJ message box, today, so I should have replies for everyone there, today.

I've checked in at snape_sanity and I see that all is well (thank you members for not requiring moderation while I was away :* <3). It will still be a while before I post a new topic, because I'm not feeling up to that yet, but eventually there will be a new topic.

On the fic writing progress front: Although real life stress was making it hard to write, I did get some writing and plotting done during the time I was away. Chapter 2 of ABFiW isn't done, yet, but it has been worked on, and I got a whole bunch of plotting for future chapters (including some more backstory plotting) done tonight. Also, I'm thinking about writing a certain number of chapters before I start releasing them, so that the story progression will flow better when I do release them, but IDK. A poll may be forthcoming on that.

Regarding any new canon from Pottermore and whether it will count for my fic: No matter how cool all the new canon from Pottermore may be, I won’t be counting it for my fic canon, as I’ve spent two years coming up with elaborate backtory for ABFiW, and it’s too late to make adjustments without having to nuke and pave over some plots or plot elements. I wasn't even even inclined to change things like town names, initially, but I've thought about it some more and decided that if it's just a simple find-and-replace change of name, I'll probably do it, since the computer will do most of the work. If there’s some new canon from Pottermore that I like and fits right in with my fic, then I may use it, but don't take it for granted that I will use *any* of the new canon from Pottermore in my fic.

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